Gîte Rules

Check-in is from 4 PM.    
Rooms must be vacated by 10 AM.

General Rules | Group Rules

  • Children are the responsibility of the accompanying adults.    
  • Respect the areas where you have access.    
    We are in the middle of an old farmhouse, there is no barrier between our cottage and our neighbors.    
    Please respect the boundaries we indicate upon your arrival and the space of our neighbors.    
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the premises.    
    Please ask for an ashtray to dispose of your cigarette butts when smoking outside.    
    The barbecue is not an ashtray.    
  • Please do not place your hiking bags on the beds.    
    Chairs are provided in all rooms.    
  • It is prohibited to sleep in the beds without sheets or sleeping bags.    
    We offer pillowcases free of charge for hikers on the move.    
    We rent sheets if you don't have any.    
    Washing the mattress protector and duvet will be charged at €10 if you sleep without them.    
  • It is prohibited to dry laundry in the rooms.    
    A clothesline is available in the attic and in the garden.    
    The attic is well ventilated, and your laundry will be dry for early departure.    
  • We ask you to lift the shower mats after use.    
    We have a wooden structure.    
  • All dishes are at your disposal. They must be washed, dried, and put away after each use.    
    Your roommates may also need them.    
    Tables should also be cleaned after each use.    
    If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask us.    
    If you have rented both kitchens, please do not mix the dishes.    
  • It is important for the planet to respect selective sorting. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION !    
    An explanatory sheet on sorting is displayed above the designated bins.    
    If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask us, consult the search engine "Where to throw this waste"? or use the Eco-Emballages application.    
  • Heating the outdoors is very expensive and polluting.    
    So, please remember to turn off the radiators if you open the windows.    
    We have invested in electric radiators with programmable time slots.    
    Please let us know if the temperature needs to be adjusted.


Remember to unplug electrical appliances after use. Microwave, coffee maker, phone charger, ...

We invite you to read our ecological charter.

We appreciate your help in keeping the premises clean and respecting the equipment.

Check your pockets before leaving, we need our keys! Thank you :)

Self-catering group stays:


We offer a cleaning package for the entire cottage: 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 6 toilets, 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, and 1 living room.

Upon departure, we kindly request that:

  • The dishes are clean and put away.
  • Wipe the tabletops.
  • Turn off the radiators in the bedrooms.
  • You perform the cleaning of the cottage yourself. We provide all the necessary cleaning products and equipment (sponges, dishcloths, mop, vacuum cleaner, cleaning products).

The cleaning must be done thoroughly:

  • The toilets must be fully cleaned. Brush the bowl with cleaning product and wipe the outside, wipe the seat on top and bottom.
  • The bathrooms must be cleaned: showers and sinks (shampoo and toothpaste residue, hair, etc.).
  • In the kitchens, clean the refrigerators, sinks, stoves, and ovens.
  • The floors must be swept/vacuumed and mopped. The Rezkibilou rooms (parquet flooring) should be cleaned with very hot water without any cleaning product.


Electricity consumption:

We take meter readings upon arrival and departure. If the electricity consumption is excessive, we will charge you the difference.   
110 kWh/day with radiators - 50 kWh/day without radiators.   
We are happy to explain how we obtained these figures.


Security Deposit:

Upon your arrival, we will conduct a joint inspection with you and ask for a security deposit check of €500. We will return it to you after completing a thorough inspection of the cottage.

If you encounter any issues, if an appliance is not working, or if you break something, please let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will consider it as a lack of respect for the equipment, and we will charge you for the repair cost.

If the recycling is not respected, and we have to do it on your behalf, €20 will be deducted from your security deposit.



Check your pockets before leaving. Thank you :)



We do not have the Youth and Sports certification. We are unable to accommodate institutions requiring this certification.


We aim to welcome a diverse range of human specimens at an affordable price for everyone.

Respect your roommates. Respect the furniture and bedding in the cottage. Respect the equipment provided to you. Maintain reasonable energy consumption. Follow the recycling guidelines. Help us fulfill our wish.