Ecological Guidelines of the Cottage

At Ty Bihan Cottage & Rezkibilou Guest House, we have naturally adopted a set of guidelines to respect nature and the environment.

We have been certified with the Clef Verte and Gîte Panda WWF labels. We collaborate with the Armorique Regional Nature Park and make every effort to provide you with organic and local products.

When staying at the cottage, we kindly ask you to embrace these guidelines (if you haven't already) during your stay, or even better, let them inspire your future practices.


  1. Practice energy-saving habits:

Turn off lights when leaving rooms.

Unplug electrical appliances when you finish your meals (microwave, coffee maker, etc.).

Check the condition of radiators when opening windows.

Avoid leaving water running while brushing your teeth.

Boil only the necessary amount of water.

...as well as other actions you are already familiar with.


  1. Help us give a new life to certain products; we collect:

Glass jars with lids for our jams.

Plastic caps for the "1 Bouchon = 1 Sourire - Breizh29.org" association, which funds equipment for people with disabilities.

Champagne or sparkling wine bottles for cider.


  1. Sort your waste properly using the provided 4 compartments:

Compost: for all organic waste such as peels, bones, leftovers from meals, meat, fish, vegetables, etc.

Glass container: primarily for bottles.

Selective sorting: in the designated bin, you can place:

  • Plastic packaging (bottles, flasks, toothpaste tubes, yogurt or sour cream pots, butter trays, polystyrene trays, plastic bags, and films...)
  • Steel or aluminum packaging (cans, cans, aerosols, trays...)
  • All papers, cardboard, and beverage cartons.

Garbage bag: after properly sorting the rest, there shouldn't be much left for this one!